Optimization visit

Respect for animals through the interaction between the visitor and the animal. Indeed, over the park visitors will find information on the animal and it will be sensitized. Our technology allows to receive information on a smartphone specific spot.

For example, when a visitor would face the passenger compartment of the animal, he would receive data such as gender , age, history, food … In addition, the information you want to share. All this would create some privacy and therefore respect.

The iBeacon can transmit mealtimes with animal trainers. The iBeacon could give thanks to geolocation system all specific data to have enjoyed this moment.

Profitability of visit

All this awareness could increase the percentage of donation. Indeed, thanks to digitalization system the visitor could easily make a donation to the animal of choice (one that has most affected) or the general zoo.

To increase your profit with purchases in the park, the iBeacon can transmit alerts at certain hours for snacks that would fall near the visitor. In addition, it may regulate the fluidity mealtimes.

The application can take into account the evolution of its route within the park in order to offer him a personalized offer when it approaches the souvenir shop.

iBeacon 2 x AA – LR 6 Alcaline 1,5 V (fournies), remplaçables. Capacité : 2600 mAh

As you can see, the IBeacon brings the customer experience. An iBeacon is a Bluetooth beacon that transmits a message. It allows interaction between you and the visitors to your park via a mobile application. The iBeacon I propose is adapted to the proposals I have set you as it is weather resistant, transmits up to 150 meters and a range of over 2 years.

If you have no mobile application, know that we are also engineers in mobile applications and objects connected. Our team has already thought about a mobile application that might suit you. The application would prepare the visit, accompanied during the visit and there would be a visit after. All the details thereof will be sent to you if you are interested. For all proposals that have been made ​​you , remember that we welcome your feedback so that we can exchange and develop it all together.